Time To Start Shooting Again.

Don’t misunderstand the title. I’m talking about shooting with my camera!

For the last 5 months I’ve not been able to use my camera due to the stupid break in my elbow and the lengthy healing process. When I was off work and recovering I made a list of things I need/want to be able to do by myself.

One thing was to learn how to use my camera properly and not just use the auto setting as I usually do. Also I want to know how to upload the photos I take to the computer and be able to show them off.

So over the past few months some Twitter friends have been using Blipfoto, a daily photo journal where you only allowed to post one photo a day. Some of the photos I’ve seen are pretty run of the mill things and some are simple and yet stunning at the same time. I’ve enjoyed seeing what other people see during their day so I’ve decided to create my own account.

I’ll shoot and post my first photo on there tomorrow, the first day of May and I’ll try and upload a photo everyday. This will get me taking a photo each day and into the routine of uploading the photo, hopefully before too long I’ll remember what to do without having to ask Graeme every time ‘What do I do now?’ I’m sure he’ll be relieved ;-)

I called the journal Getting The Hang Of It as that will be my main aim, getting the hang of using not only the camera properly but also the iMac and crappy laptop for more than just shopping, Twitter and blogging ;-)

I’ll post the link tomorrow when the first photo is there for you to look at. Now comes the fun of thinking of what I can shoot and Blip :-)

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