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I have to tell you something about having a house guest…’s great fun :-)

As you know Tree Woman decided to come and stay, we invited her many times but she could never make it. Then she says “Yes” and we start to wonder what it will be like with another person in the house, a bit of an odd feeling when you’re just used to the two adults, the dog and the cat ;-)

Well as soon as Tree Woman walked through the door the dog started barking but quickly calmed down and now I think she’s in love with her new friend. Well you can’t blame the dog really, I mean TW sits on the floor and massages the dog for ages, the dog appears to be in a trance like state with a totally happy look on her face, it’s quite funny.

Ok the weather hasn’t been too great for seeing the mountains and the wonderful scenery we have around here but I think TW is having a good time. For us having a house guest is a good thing. We haven’t watched much tv, we’ve listened to the radio or cd’s more than we have in a long time but the main thing is we’ve had to go out when we would normally stay in. Well you can’t have a guest and then expect them to stay indoors the whole time they’re here can you?

We’ve done a little walking through woodland, seen waterfalls and lakes, driven up twisty, steep, narrow mountain passes, tried different tea rooms and eaten out more than we have in the past 12 months I think. G and I know what this country is like and now we’re seeing it through the eyes of someone from an place where things are more organised and easy to work out. TW has been looking at the train services and trying to work out the ticket prices, let me tell you it’s almost impossible, it must be so frustrating for her and we can’t help as we don’t understand the system either. In all fairness it’s cheaper and quicker to fly but it’s not so environmentally friendly is it?

The service in some of the tea rooms and shops we’ve visited leaves a lot to be desired too. If only people realised that if they give good service with a smile they’ll get a better tip, being served my coffee by some grumpy looking person isn’t likely to make me want to return, a clean table would be nice too. Ok I know working in such a place isn’t what most of us want to do with our lives but hey we get on and make the most of it and try and enjoy it. Interact with the customers and work life gets better. I know, I’ve been there, done that etc. You can understand why small places go out of business when the staff are so miserable, go to one of the big coffee house chains and you always get polite and pleasant staff, I understand they may be cursing my very existance whilst they are serving me but at least they put a happy face on to disguise it. In one store that sells mobile phones the assisstant was useless and not willing to help, I could have cheerily slapped her but I might have dislodged the inch thick layer of make-up she was wearing. She was chewing gum whilst talking to us and made it obvious that she just wanted to stand there and look pretty…she made me mad. We didn’t get the problem resolved either.

I know all this crappy service goes on but until TW arrived and commented on it I just put up with it but now I’m thinking that I should start complaining when something is wrong, maybe if more people complain then things will change…I doubt it though.

So you see having a house guest brings different aspects of life to your attention and not all of them are good. On the whole I think it’s been a good thing for G and I to have TW here, it helps because TW is a relaxed person and has just fit in well to our home, we don’t feel we have to be always running around making her drinks and stuff and she’s comfortable enough here to know she can help herself to food and drink when she wants it and just do whatever she feels like doing when we’re at work.

I wouldn’t invite just anyone to my stay in my home but I knew from first meeting TW a little over a year ago that she was a nice person. We only met twice before she came here and but now I feel I’ve known her for a many years, we chat a lot about all sorts of things and it seems we have very similar views, we can sit in the same room and not talk and it doesn’t feel awkward, well not to me anyway. She is a kind soul and it’s great to see her looking relaxed and even with a little colour on her cheeks :-)

I know something…I will miss her a lot when she has to return home :-(

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  1. Dragonlady said,

    July 7th, 2008 at 11:59 am

    The wonders of the internet. I’ve had guests at home many times and never had a bad experience. I think that when you had a lot of discussions with someone for say, a year, you get a fairly good picture of the person. I wouldn’t invite someone I don’t like or I’d tell them to go to a hotel and I’ll gladly meet them for tea.
    I do only offer to “singles” becaus emy flat is too small, but my neighbours never mind guests and they have a spare room. ;) < hint, hint

    I also visit friends all over the world and always had a great time.

    You’ll miss TW, but I’ll be happy to have her back!

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